A story of passion written by
passionate people

Novastell was created by Pierre Lebourd who has over 20 years of experience in this field was convinced of the multiple benefits of phospholipids.

By creating the « PHOSPHOLIPIDS FOR LIFE » concept, we aim to contribute to a healthier way of life with eco-friendly ingredients.

Our collaborators’ versatility and experience has lead to a three-fold expertise:

  • Technical mastery of phospholipids
  • Scientific knowledge
  • Marketing creativity to provide concepts in line with market trends.
French specialists of phospholipids, we offer both innovative and efficient solutions to our customers. This way we serve our single ambition of putting the benefits of phospholipids at the service of your health.

Novastell has now quickly grown to become a trustworthy partner and a phospholipids industry key-player.

CEO & Founder

What makes us unique?

Our small team of experts offers great reactivity, high flexibility and personal service to our clients. We consider quality as the route to development and we follow the most stringent quality measures to ensure we deliver the best product to our clients.

Our quality labels

Exclusion of GMO of all its products (certified by CERT-ID)

Organic products (certifed by ECOCERT)

Halal and Kosher certifications

Official French authorities agreement for the supply of ingredients for animal feed.

ISO 22000 certification in progress

Services for innovative products

Tailor-made solution

Innovation: Through ongoing research into new sources of phospholipids, Novastell continually offers new products that are even more specialized and effective.

Listening and Pragmatism: For an effective and high-performance result, we ensure operational context - adapted recommendations to our customers.

Efficiency:Unique blends of phospholipids and other active substances, ideally selected and measured out, guarantee optimal efficiency.


Novastell uses its expertise not only in searching for new phospholipids, but also in the implementation of reliable supply chains, so that we provide safe, quality and accessible solutions to our customers.

Technical and scientific support

The experience we have gained in omega 3 and phospholipids fields allows us to assist our clients throughout their projects.

Either through our sales team or through the technical support of our Quality and R&D departments, we provide a timely and accurate response to all your questions.


Incorporation of DHA in biscuits

Incorporation of PS in chocolate bars

Perfect dosage of our lecithins

Incorporation of phosphatidylcholine in ethanol gel

LEA: Synergy between phospholipids for better efficiency

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countries covered under our distribution network


people team constituted by food technologists, nutritionists, marketing & international sales specialists


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