All there is to know about Lecithins

Natural-origin ingredients

Lecithins are natural ingredients, found in oilseeds, composed of polar lipids, especially phospholipids, and neutral phospholipids. They are authorized as food and feed additives.

With multiple properties…

Lecithins have amphiphilic characteristics due to their molecular structure.

They are emulsifiers, mixing two liquids normally non-miscible: oil and water.

Phospholipids in Lecithin

Thanks to their functional and nutritional properties, lecithins also facilitate demoulding, improve products’ shelf life and act as instantizing agents.

The many applications of Lecithins


Alters the viscosity, improves flow properties and prevents whitening


Facilitates demoulding, homogenizes the dough and reduces cracking


Helps smooth the dough, improves bread’s shelf life and porosity


Increases the homogeneity of mixtures, facilitates implementation and finishing


Enhances the moistering of milk powder, regulates the hydration. Dissolves quickly in cold and hot liquids, low dosage efficiency.


Homogenizes the extruded products, facilitates the assimilation of nutrients and improves the efficiency of rations. Numerous applications as a feed additive.

Our range of Lecithins

We offer a complete range of lecithins with varied sources and characteristics in order to provide our customers with the most suited product to their needs.

Fluid lecithins Semi liquid product, with acetone insoluble matter ≥ 60%
Deoiled lecithins Powder or granules, min 97% phospholipids
Lecithins on carrier Powder carrier 20% and more of lecithin with a pulverulent carrier
Liquid carrier Liquid lecithin with a very low viscosity which can be directly sprayed
Hydrolysed lecithin Lecithin made more hydrophilic by the removal of a fatty acid
Fractionated lecithins Soya phospholipids enriched in phosphatidylcholine

Products Range

  • SOYCITHIN : non GMO soya lecithin. Liquid, powder and granulated. SOYCITHIN is also available as a feed grade powder for animal feed applications.
  • SUNCITHIN : sunflower lecithin. Liquid and powder.
  • CANOLACITHIN : rapeseed lecithin. Liquid and powder.
  • NOVASKIN P97 H : deoiled and hydrogenated soya lecithin. Powder.
  • SOYCITHIN BIO and SUNCITHIN BIO : organic soya and sunflower lecithins. Liquid and powder form on a carrier. Novastell can also propose an hydrolyzed lecithin (SOYCITHIN F56 E) with improved emulsifying properties.
  • Hydrogenated soya lecithin is available for cosmetic applications.

For a complete list of our Lecithin product line,

Lecithin extraction process

The development of genetically modified organisms (GMO) had raised numerous questions even in the field of the lecithin production. It is however possible to warrant a complete traceability and the absence of GMO in soya lecithins.

Novastell’s soya lecithins are supplied from its India subsidiary. The culture of GMO soya beans is totally forbidden in India and the accidental cross-contamination opportunities are thus avoided. Other origins become progressively available like rapeseed or sunflower lecithins.